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I-BRILLIANT provides the most innovative and effective face to face teachings for all management science students such as Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and others.

With ground-breaking solutions and a strong belief that every students that found it hard to understand lecturers teaching will be served well on this platform. Lectures here are simplify to the lowest level for easy understanding. I-Brilliant consistently expands their product offerings to all students all over the world. To learn most of the calculations topics in all the courses under the school of management sciences helps ensure student’s success in school and in life, take a look around our website.

I-Brilliant CEO

A message from Joseph Shola (ACA),

CEO of I-Brilliant

Dear Colleagues,

At I-Brilliant, our mission has always been to provide the most effective face to face lectures to support aspiring students like you as you inspire, listen, and learn from us. I am so honored to welcome you all to this great impacting lives, knowledge expanding website, which will help you passed all your exams excellently.

As a lecturer, I am gifted by God to provide lectures at the level at which everybody, both the low learner and the others will comprehend very fast. Every day, I spend most of my time helping others in achieving their dreams. Some topics students find difficult will be solved easily here on this platform. I will urge you to be in attention, concentrate on the lectures for proper understanding. Try all possible means to avoid distractions while on this platform. This is the secret of success in education. With this, you have dedicated yourselves to creating a brighter future for yourself. And here at I-Brilliant, our first commitment is to you, and to supporting our work together. My personal promise to you includes a commitment to high-quality lectures delivery. And to provide customer services to answers student’s questions after watching the lectures videos.

So I’d like to welcome you for taking your time to visit this high impacting website. I look forward to seeing you in the lecture room. Register as a students with your details, and start watching lecture video based on your level in school. We ensure all our students have a strong foundation for success.

Thank you