Public Sector Accounting and Finance

International Accounting Standards (IAS)/International Accounting Standard (IFRS)
April 25, 2018
Business Mathematics 1
April 25, 2018

Public Sector Accounting and Finance

Summary of Course

The aim of the course is to educate you on how public sector accounting and finance is treated following basic accounting concepts and relevant laws and procedures.

Available Topics

  • Finance officers of government
  • Sources of government revenue
  • Authorization of government expenditure, control of government revenue and fund accounting
  • Preparation of vouchers
  • Functions of the cash office
  • Preparation of monthly transcripts of a self-accounting unit
  • Treasury final accounts
  • Stores and stores accounting
  • Accounting requirements for the local government
  • Budgeting and budgetary controls
  • Government construction contracts and procurements
  • Government advances
  • Pensions and gratuity
  • Payroll accounting and pension fund
  • Investment appraisal in the public sector
  • Interpretation of accounts and cash flow statement
  • International public sector accounting standards (IPSAS)

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Instructor – Joseph Shola (ACA)

Total Videos – 17 videos

Price – #200 per video